Even our logistics are cleverly thought out

Thinking that 4 years of innovation would make our tables expensive? Think again. Contact us and you’ll see.

To prevent large stock, we have developed a logistic system which you will benefit from.

The frame is delivered in three parts: two folding frame legs with locking mechanism and a rail that determines the length of the table. You can then mount a table top from your own production line and deliver the table directly to your end customer or dealer. 

This solution is optimal for storage and enables the use of Quick Ship. 


The clever way of stacking 40 tables (Here W: 80 cm)

SNAP 80 cm on a pallet

The clever way of stacking 40 tables (Here W: 50 cm) 

SNAP 50 cm on a pallet

In the warehouse
The leg frames with locks are individually protected with specially designed flamingo items. This stacking makes it easy for the installer to pick in, keeping the stack completely stable. This saves storage space.

In the cargo to end-user
The ready-made table is stacked easily on a pallet with 25 tables. The table stacks only 7 cm with the tabletop. This saves transport costs.

At the end-user
Lift the table of the pallet at the final destination, fold out the legs and move into place. It takes less than 1 minute. This saves working hours.

We are just as passionate about our logistics as we are about our flexible folding tables. That’s why we have developed packaging and packing techniques that optimise storage and minimise transport costs. Our transport damage is 0%, our general complaint rate is 0%, and our delivery reliability is 100%.

Let’s do business together.