The strongest legs in the world are Danish

The functionality is obvious

100% stability and extreme strength. Lightweight and with a folding height of just 7 cm. Our tables are superior to all other designs on the market. Test us and you’ll see.

Innovating superior user experiences

Our users love the design and functionality of our tables – the result of taking all our processes seriously when we developed each of the parts that make up the final product. This applies to everyone in the chain: the facility manager who moves our tables around, the people who use our tables to eat or work at, the procurement team who have to vouch for price and quality.

7 cm to go

When folded, the height of the table is a mere 7 cm. This minimises the need for storage space. The handling trolley carries 10 folding tables. Two hidden wheels on the inside of one of the legs makes it easy to manoeuvre the table in order to lead it on to the trolley. If you simply tip the table towards the handles on the trolley, the table will slot into the right place. Gently push the release button and bend the legs – that's all there is to it. Would you like to hang the chairs under the table – as we do in Scandinavia – making it easier to clean the room and prevent damage resulting from placing the chairs on the table tops? Even with chair-mounting fixtures, the table still stacks at a height of just 7cm.

Get the table size you want

Our folding frame legs come with a locking mechanism as standard. Choose from five different widths and lengths, which can be combined to suit your preference. This allows you to assemble a table that has the exact dimensions you are looking for. Rectangular, square, round or trapezium shaped – the choice is yours. All our frames are designed by 1000dots.