Small details - big results

The fact that our designs are well thought-through does not mean that we have placed the final dot in our development work. Should your company require changes to create a unique, specific design we are ready to develop ideal solutions.


  • LL1A0014 1_klar.jpg

    Release button

    Either neutral or with your company logo

  • LL1A0017 1_klar.jpg

    Stacking tower 

    With soft pads on top for protecting the tabletop when stacking

  • 345.jpg

    Universal Chair hanger

    Chair hanger for most chairs

  • LL1A0022 1_klar.jpg

    Adaptor for rail and cover

    Adaptor - 2 pcs. for connecting rail and starterframe 3.0 - with cover

  • LL1A0006_klar.jpg


    To finish the readymade table this cover is easily clicked on

  • LL1A0063 1_klar.jpg


    Our legs are fitted with hidden castors, for one end of the table.

  • LL1A0065 1_klar.jpg

    Adjustable glides

    Our legs are fitted with adjustable glides, for one end of the table

  • LL1A01zz36 1_klar.jpg

    Large Castors

    Industrial look - all tables can be fitted with large castors

  • LL1A0066 1_klar.jpg


    Rail with built in handle and track for chair hangers

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